IX The Hermit

Crone /  Hag / Hecate – greek goddess of the underworld and mother of witches.

Solitude awaits you and whispers to you wisdoms from the depths. Are you listening? Have you chosen to rest alone in silent knowing? In meditation? With the darkest night and only a lamp to light your way?

Take time out to hear your own thoughts, withdraw from all distractions. Feel your body resting and easeful in this space. Awaken your third eye and you will see that everything before you is a mere projection reflected from within. If you relax you will hear your inner voice speaking in wordless prayer.

Here is the midwife to your spirit, you have called her to bring you to the doorway of a new paradigm. Turning away from busy social spaces to energise your creative expression with your essential life force.

Creative spider woman, fortune teller, spinster, turning inward to your wild woman / wild one, your separatist, your night crawler.

You long for a greater depth of understanding, to look into the pool of truth, soothsayer, seer, aware of the formless wonder from beyond.

Patience, she is waiting to give you advice, be open to this inner guidance regardless if you like it or not.

Fertility in its most exalted sense, the Virgin, Corn, Wheat, the most feminine form of the earth element. Virgo, ruled by Mercury who is in turn exalted in Virgo representing a guide through the lower regions.

Mother Peace. Vicky Noble. HarperSanFransisco. 1983.
Songs for the Journey Home. Catherine Cook & Dwariko von Sommaruga. 1996.
Book of Thoth. Aleister Crowley.

Published by Kāren Hunter

Kāren Hunter is a New Zealand based musician, astrologer and ceremonial facilitator.

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