Astrology is a powerful tool for gaining insight into your personality, relationships, life events and changes.

Life is a process of continuous recreation and transformation. Kāren believes that your personal life purpose or vision is integral to the choices you make and therefore to the steps you take. Your chart reading can help you to gain greater clarity of your purpose while helping you acknowledge what you have achieved and are ready to let go of as well as what areas of your life are waiting for activation.

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❤ Rates for Astrology readings:

The energy exchange for a full 90 minute reading is $175NZ and this kind of reading requires preparation before we meet.
I can offer reduced fees by sliding scale so if you would like a reading but have financial issues please let me know.
I can also offer shorter 60 minute readings which is great if you have just one or two questions or areas of life that you are wanting to work with.

I absolutely recommend Kāren’s astrology readings. Kāren’s soft, intuitive and focused energy provide clarity, deep reflection and an opening towards healing. Finding our way in turbulent, uncertain times can be challenging. Kāren shines her light on this path. Thank you so much Kāren

Kati LUdwig

Natal Chart readings.

A natal chart reading, (or birth time chart reading ) is a tool for deepening your understanding of your own nature, including your strengths and challenges.

When you are able to understand your life experiences through the lens of Astrology you gain access to valuable insights into the way you interact with the world around you.

Having a language to describe your way of being in the world enables you to change, transform and grow.

Current transit and solar return readings.

The planets, points and other celestial energies create aspects to your natal chart as they move around the sun.

These movements are known as transits and their interpretation offers you powerful insight into the journey of your life as it unfolds

When the sun is at the same position as it was at the moment of your birth ( usually on your birthday or one day each side of it ) this is called your annual Solar Return. A Solar Return reading can give you valuable insights into how to best work with the energies that are available in the year following that birthday.

Kāren can work with you in person if you are in Auckland or Waiheke Island , or online using Zoom if you are based elsewhere.

Festival Workshops

Kāren offers lively and fun interactive astrology workshops at festivals.

This is a great way to learn about your chart to help you with your personal study and understanding of the basics of Astrology.

As an experienced workshop facilitator, Kāren is able to draw on the wisdom and insights of the group so collective intelligence can emerge.

Contact Kāren Hunter here, through facebook messenger or email directly for more information.

 Thanks for sharing your wisdom- this kind of forecast is a wonderful way to enhance my attuning to the energy of the stars and our solar system.

Kate HOrnblow

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