Kāren was born in Tamaki Makaurau ( Auckland, New Zealand ) and has Cornish, Irish and Scottish ancestry. Kāren’s offerings of Music, Astrology and Ceremony are intended to contribute to the present awakening of humanity. Kāren is a Zenergy Global trained facilitator and can hold dynamic space with sensitivity.

Kāren’s primary healing modality is music and this includes workshops, lessons, festival performances, shamanic sound journeys and ceremony. Karen is also a consulting astrologer and tarot reader.

Earthbeat Festival performance 2023

Music Lessons

❤ Kāren offers face to face and online lessons in guitar, voice, songwriting, music production and recording, performance coaching, ukulele, mandolin, charango, medicine songs, chanting and drumming for chanting. 

❤ On this site you can connect to Kāren’s musical biography, listen to her back catalogue of albums on Bandcamp and Spotify and find out about studying music with her through her face to face and online music lessons, workshops and opportunities to work with her to produce your own music.

NZSpirit Festival workshop 2019

Astrology & Tarot

❤ Astrology & Tarot are powerful tools for gaining insight into your personality, relationships, life events and changes.

Astrology readings are an in-depth conversation that includes your soul evolution, life direction, and healing path as suggested by your Astrology chart at the time of your birth.

Tarot & Oracle card readings are a quick way to drop in with your higher purpose and present direction.

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Ora.Vida.Life are Kāren Hunter and Brooke Hayley. They offer stunning vocals, groovy loops and medicine lyrics as healing for blood, bone, breath and heart.  Their musical collaboration explores the space between worlds.

❤ Ora Vidal Life offer a fun and lively up-tempo dance set suitable for Festival stages as well as beautiful Shamanic Sound Journeys that explore different levels of conscious awareness that may not be obvious in day to day life.

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Latest musical uploadComo no voy a cantar by Ora.Vida.Life featuring Xiuh on Spotify

New Platform added – Kāren now has a teachers page on Insight Timer – check out her musical meditation uploads here.

Latest video ‘ I Open my Heart” Check it out here

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2023 so far… festivals and performance highlights.