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Ora.Vida.Life bring sacred theatre, dance, ceremony and music to the community. We write chant along songs with meaning filled lyrics. We have a fun way of being both ‘reverent’ and also ‘spiritual punk’ at the same time 🙂

Ora.Vida.Life channel a powerful set of original songs, chants and dance. Using the body, voice, frame drum and guitar, this is medicine for blood, bone, breath and heart.

We write and create our own songs for sharing with people of all cultures. Our intention is for these songs to be shared openly and freely within the community.

We work to honour and respect songs and their lineages from our ancestors behind us.

We are humbled to be sharing our knowledge through sacred theatre by weaving ritual and ceremony with music and dance.

Brooke Ora is a ceremonial facilitator, musician and artist, weaving ritual and earth based connection to create sacred space. At the heart of her work is service to the divine, beauty, humanity and Mother Earth.

Brooke shares medicine songs from different cultures and traditions to awaken and remember our connection to Mother Earth and Great Spirit.

Brooke works with crystal singing bowls, Shruti box, drum, guitar and voice to bring healing vibrations to our hearts, minds, bodies and spirit.

She has performed as a dancer, singer and DJ at Splore, NZ spirit, Resolution, Voices of Sacred Earth and Burning Man, collaborating with artists and DJs from Aotearoa and abroad.

Kāren Hunter is a New Zealand Musician and Astrologer with Cornish, Irish and Scottish ancestry. With her powerful voice she offers songs to awaken our collective humanity.

Kāren plays guitar, voice, mandolin and loops to create heart charged soundscapes that draw deep from the well of collective spirit. These are love songs to Papatūānuku, Ranginui and all of their children.

From rootsy grooves, celtic dub and spoken word to ambient music, Kāren is an eclectic composer who has performed music as diverse as Waiata Maori, Funk, Tribal Folk, Rock, Jazz, Celtic, Kirtan, Reggae, Medicine Songs, Sound Journeys and even Glam Rock! Kāren brings over 40 years of performance experience to the stage with deep surrender and desire to be of service.

She has performed at many of New Zealand’s Transformational Festivals and also ran the Circle Stage at Prana Festival 2015/16. Kāren has been asked to offer her voice in rituals and ceremonies for festivals such as Luminate, NZ Spirit, Resolution, Prana and Evolve. Kāren also performs on Mandolin and backing vocals with Matiu Te Huki and has accompanied Shona Laing (NZ), Dave McArtney (NZ), Kailash Kokopele (SW), Anahera Higgins (NZ), Rhiannon (USA), Redwood Reider, Carlos Riegel and others.

Xiuh is a contemporary multitalented being from Mexico, claiming and sharing her human sovereignty and her Mexica indigeneity through her rebel soul movement and ancient wisdom.

She is walker, guardian and practitioner of her Mexica Toltec ritual & culture in which dance and chant in form of prayer are big influence when it comes to be and share her creative talent.

Freestyle dancer of life; she invokes spirit from heart to heart presence and movement. No two performances are never the same as the place and audience effects on every movement.

Influenced by Nietzche, Bob Marley, Abramovic, Butoh dance, Mexica dance and more… “Those who were seeing dancing were considered insane by those who cannot see” (Nietzsche), she considers movement the only authentic voice of her soul.

While sharing her unique moves and organic physical flow, she has collaborated with musical bands, community art projects, artist exhibitions, cultural events and dance research as well as facilitating traditional rituals across Aotearoa NZ, Mexico and Ireland.

We acknowledge the tangata whenua Maori of Aotearoa and send our love to the Indigenous and First Nations people of the world who inspire us to sing to Great Spirit.

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