Ora.Vida.Life are Kāren Hunter and Brooke Hayley. They offer stunning vocals, groovy loops and medicine lyrics as healing for blood, bone, breath and heart.  Their musical collaboration explores the space between worlds with songs that are both ‘reverent’ and also ‘spiritual punk’.

( photo credit Kira Creative Portals )

Ora.Vida.Life is the umbrella name of our project and we also offer Shamanic Sound Journeys based on the Celtic tradition, as a way to open the portal of mystery and share this deep space with others. 

Ora.Vida.Life create their own songs with the intention  to share them openly and freely within the community. ​​They honour and respect the songs from the lineages of their ancestors and the world community.

Ora.Vida.Life are humbled to be sharing our knowledge through sacred theatre by weaving ritual and ceremony with music and dance.

Ora.Vida.Life is dedicated to deepening the connection between people and the earth, the plants, the cosmos and spirit.

Our festival workshop topics include Shamanic Sound Journeys, Moon Circles, Medicine Songs, Astrology, Facilitation training, Plant lore, Voice and Songwriting.

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Latest Video ‘ I Open My Heart ‘

We acknowledge the tangata whenua of Aotearoa and send our love to the Indigenous and First Nations people of the world who inspire us to sing to Great Spirit.

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