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Ora.Vida.Life offer stunning vocals, groovy loops and medicine lyrics as healing for blood, bone, breath and heart.  Their musical collaboration explores the space between worlds by offering both meditative Shamanic Sound Journeys as well as a Dance set of songs that are super funky and full of uplifting, life affirming lyrics. They acknowledge their ancestors and draw influences from their Celtic lineage with their original songs and also songs written in Te Reo Maori and Spanish

Dance set information – Ora.Vida.Life use a looper for funky uptempo dance backing tracks and include live instruments including mandolin, quena, koauau and flute. Their songs have Reggae infused grooves and powerful and positive medicine lyrics to raise the vibration.

Shamanic Sound Journeys information – Ora.Vida.Life create a temple atmosphere that is restorative and insightful, featuring crystal bowls, guitar, bells, flutes, jaw harp, frame drums, voices and medicine songs. These journeys reference current astrological transits and align with plant spirits to honour the energies of the earth. There will be guided visualisation to take people into the lower and upper worlds to receive ancestral guidance and messages. 

Ora.Vida.Life is dedicated to deepening the connection between people and the earth, the plants, the cosmos and spirit. 

Ora.Vida.Life have performed at many of the amazing transformational music festivals around New Zealand including Resolution, Solrise, Earthbeat, NZSpirit and Luminate.

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If you feel the desire to be caressed with music, rested with gentle atmospheres and carefully held while you dive deep into the collective unconscious, we would be honoured to be of service.

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Brooke Hayley is a ceremonial facilitator, musician, artist and medicine woman, weaving magic, ritual and earth based connection to create sacred space. At the heart of her work is service to the divine, beauty and Mother Earth. Brooke works with crystal singing bowls, Shruti box, drum, guitar and voice, devoting her prayers to inspire and awaken the ancient voice of our hearts. 


Kāren Hunter was born in Tamaki Makaurau and has Cornish, Irish and Scottish ancestry. Kāren’s offerings of Music, Astrology and Ceremony are intended to contribute to the present awakening of humanity. Kāren is a Zenergy Global trained facilitator and can hold dynamic space with sensitivity.

Kāren’s primary healing modality is music and this includes workshops, lessons, festival performances, shamanic sound journeys and ceremony. Her instruments include guitar, voice, looper, mandolin, charango, drum, jaw harp and flute.


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We acknowledge the tangata whenua of Aotearoa and send our love to the Indigenous and First Nations people of the world who inspire us to sing to Great Spirit.

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