Can thoroughly recommend Kāren’s astrology reading sessions. An incredibly intuitive yet clear and grounded reading full of insights. Deeply grateful! ❤️

Nikki Rhodes

Kārena provides a truly unique perspective with her expertise in astrology and tarot and her embodied wisdom and she truly is a wise woman who is passionate about the infinite unfolding of our experience in the cosmos on a personal and collective level. Kārena always creates a space of beauty and harmony and I always feel I can truly show up as I am in any given moment safe in the knowledge that I will feel nurtured and held by her empathy, integrity and wisdom. Kārena is a life long learner and is deeply dedicated to her own personal development and I am in awe of her knowledge, skill and talent as an astrologer, tarot reader, musician, facilitator, teacher and human. Kārena truly brings all of who she is to her astrological readings – she provides incredible insight with all of her skills honed over years of practice. After a reading with Kārena you will feel enlightened, enriched, fully supported and empowered with a deeper understanding of who you are as a person and how you interact with the world currently and how the planets indicate possibilities for your personal evolution.

Anna ToZer

I have studied astrology from the spiritual & esoteric path for over 30 years. I first saw Kāren Hunter present at NZSpirit festival and her workshop was the best introduction to Astrology I’ve attended. I’m privileged to know her more. Her comprehension & understanding of the divine Archetypal principals of the planets & signs is supported by her authentic spirituality & integrity, her knowledge and readings are grounded and enlightening, I’m absolutely confident in recommending anyone to go seek out a reading with her.

Barry Down

 Thanks for sharing your wisdom- this kind of forecast is a wonderful way to enhance my attuning to the energy of the stars and our solar system.

Kate hornblow
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