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A New Zealander of Cornish, Scottish and Irish descent, Kāren Hunter was born into a family of many generations of musicians, many of whom have also been teachers, and would be honoured to guide you in your creativity and music practise.

Kāren offers face to face and online lessons in guitar, voice, songwriting, music production and recording, performance coaching, ukulele, medicine songs, chanting and drumming for chanting.

With from over 35 years experience as a music teacher, Kāren’s lessons are designed to fit with your level of ability and can be structured around a pre-determined syllabus or improvised on the day (or a mixture of both).

In addition to private lessons, Kāren taught Guitar, Performance, Songwriting as well as various academic subjects at the Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand (M.A.I.N.Z) from 2001-2008. While completing her Masters in Music Composition she filled a senior tutor role on the Popular Music Programme for the University of Auckland’s School of Music from 2007-2010.

If you have young children that you would like to introduce to music, Kāren recommends that you attend the lesson and learn an instrument yourself (ukelele is an easy option). That way your children will be attracted to practising by following your example.

Playing Music is a yoga practice. It’s a meditation practice. It’s a practice of practicing.

Rates : Kāren’s rates are on a sliding scale from $80 – $60 for a one hour lesson. Single parents, beneficiaries, low waged and students qualify for the lower rate of the scale. You can decide what you pay, please make it work so you can come back soon!

Duration : Lessons are usually one hour long. Two hour sessons are available, particularly for recording projects, and the rate is adjusted accordingly.

Frequency : you can decide the frequency of the lessons, this can be weekly, fortnightly or casually.

Location : There are two locations for F2F ( face to face ) lessons. Waiheke Island and Te Atatu South, West Auckland, Tamaki Makaurau. (New Zealand / Aotearoa).


I am oh so grateful to have become a student of Kārena. Her knowledge and openness makes each session very inspiring as we can work on so many different creative expressions, which is rare in a teacher. I love each session with Karena and always leave feeling so much better than I arrived. x

Lou Pereira-Dinnan

For information on Music workshops please click here.

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