tarot & oracle

Astrology and Tarot are powerful tools for gaining insight into your personality, relationships, life events and changes.


Our inner world is reflected on the world around us attracting people and situations that help us learn and grow. This is why are all in a process of continuous recreation and transformation.  A Tarot & Oracle card reading can help you unpack some of life’s confusing problems and give you space to see some new possibilities for raising your vibration

The more clear you are about your question the easier it is to interpret the cards with reference to it. My readings are a conversation between the two of us and our ancestral guides. My role is to call forth your courageous spirit and to open the portal to the many possibilities for transformation.

Kāren offers Tarot and Oracle Card readings online using Zoom or in person at Shambala in Oneroa, Waiheke Island. Bookings or ‘drop-in’ welcome. Making contact in advance is a good idea, Kāren on 021 946 399 or email:karen@karenhunter.com


$60 – 40 mins
$80 – 60 mins

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