sound healing temple

Multi instrumentalists Kāren Hunter and Brooke Hayley hold deep reflective Sound Healing Temples. They reference current astrological transits and align with plant spirits to honour the energies of the earth, the stars and the planets through songs, prayers and guided visualisation.

Through this musical offering they traverse the depths of Mother Earth and ascend to the highest of Father Sky. This temple is restorative and insightful, featuring crystal bowls, guitar, bells, flutes, jaw harp, frame drums, voices and medicine songs.

If you feel the desire to be caressed with music, rested with gentle atmospheres and carefully held while you dive deep into the collective unconscious, we would be honoured to be of service.

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Brooke Hayley

Brooke Hayley is a ceremonial facilitator, musician, artist and medicine woman, weaving magic, ritual and earth based connection to create sacred space. At the heart of her work is service to the divine, beauty and Mother Earth. Brooke works with crystal singing bowls, Shruti box, drum, guitar and voice, devoting her prayers to inspiring and awakening the ancient voice of our hearts.

Kāren Hunter

Kāren Hunter is a musician and astrologer with Cornish, Irish and Scottish ancestry. Her instruments include guitar, voice, mandolin, drum, jaw harp and flute. She offers music to awaken humanity, creating soundscapes that draw deep from the well of collective spirit. With over 40 years experience as a performer and songwriter, Kāren writes love songs to Papatūānuku, Ranginui and all of their children.

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