Powerful voice for Yoga Teachers Workshop

I was invited to deliver this workshop by the leader of a leading local Yoga Academy that offers a teachers training programme. Powerful voice skills are included as part of the course

First I explained to the participants their Course Leaders purpose for the session:

To explore tools to develop voice:

  • Projection
  • Tone
  • Pitch variation
  • How to enhance each persons individual voice to engage their students
  • To be fiery of voice or softer when necessary in their delivery of the instructions for the different asanas ( including for the different parts of each sequence).

Then I asked the participants to write down their personal purposes for their own voice development on A4 paper with the 3 main points they wanted to be coached on.

Began with voice/body warm up – included jaw relaxation, tongue stretches, breathing, humming, humming into opening the mouth

Included vowel and consonant exercises – used the room fully, standing with our backs to the walls to feel the spine, asked the participants to imagine and address:

  • a baby in their arms
  • a kitten stuck under a house
  • someone in their family who was making them late to leave the house
  • their dog
  • and finally a dog in the road in the path of a truck

Asked them to observe their throats, bellys, neck muscles, head resonators, and breathing for each of the examples. Explained that to speak well in public it’s good to have access to the full spectrum of vocal sounds, and then to improvise, speaking from the intention to communicate, and allow the whole authentic human voice to function.

Asked the participants to teach one- three asanas to the group while I watched, listened and took notes and observations based on the course managers and the participants individual purposes .

Coached on the three points they outlined, plus any very clear points that I pick up on that they might not have noticed.

Offered opportunity for self reflection.

Offered an opportunity for peer feedback.

Finished by listening to recording of Sanskrit pronunciation of the asana names. We all practiced these together.

Sung Vande Gurunam ( Ashtanga mantra ) three times with Om.


Here are some resources you can download



And a mp3 to listen to by Awakening Circus collective performing a rousing street yoga demonstration with music. ( in Spanish and Sanskrit) which begins with Vande Gurunam.

Collective Intelligence

Why are we living the lives we are living?
What are we doing here on the planet?
Do we want to live using the combined power of all the beings on the planet?
The collective intelligence of our entire race?
This is evolution :  emotional and spiritual human evolution.

What do you want to do with your time?
Where do you want to channel your energy? Your precious life force?
Do you want to access collective intelligence in your every waking moment?
What would it take to transform your time on earth to be an urgent quest towards human evolution?

So…… how far are you prepared to go?
Are you prepared to amass all the energetic resources you can muster, to gather them together and use them?
All of the possessions you have that you need to look after and pay rent for, can they be sold or exchanged for the things you need to use today?
Can you let go of what you don’t need? Do you understand that these extraneous old possessions can weigh you down unnessecarily?

Does the place you inhabit service your needs? physical, material? energetic?
Are you thriving in this place? Is it full of an energy where you are connected to the collective energy of humanhood? Of the earth? Papatuanuku? Pachamama?

Do the people you surround yourself with share your ideals?
Do you meet, share ideas and create sustainable and exciting projects together?
Are you generating collective intelligence together with them in your every interaction? in every project?

What roles do you play/masks do you wear?
Are some of these roles outdated? Can you let them go? Do you understand that these old masks you keep around you can weigh you down unnecessarily?

Once that you have amassed all the energy you have available in one place , you can channel it towards human evolution,
and  be part of generating collective intelligence.
With the human race, with the plant kingdom, with the animal world, with the water world, with the realm of air and with the spiritual entities , with those that dwell in other dimensions……

Evolution is natural, evolution is part of nature – there must be a way.
Be an ant, Be a bee, Be a tree.

Everything is available to us.