VI The Lovers

Union of Opposites, Surrendering to love.

An ambiguous card that points to the finding of what we love most and asks us if we are living in our own truth and joy? When we marry together the polarities of masculine and feminine, Yin and Yang, our inner and outer worlds, we can find peace.

To truly surrender to the beloved requires each of us to be coming from a place of wholeness. There may be a choice to make here, to dive deeper into relationship? To embark on a joint venture? Surely this is a relational space, this is the first Major Arcana card to feature more that one person, usually two. The Gemini twins. Androgynous, Hermaphrodite, self completing.

The inevitable cycles of life create union and dissolution simulatenously and continually.

Unconscious loving leads to dependancy, clinging, jealousy, possessiveness. It is to abandon the self and live only from a place of lack. In order to reach unconditional love it is necessary to have down the physical, mental and emotional groundwork.

To love another is to witness a thousand deaths of people they have outgrown, goals completed or abandoned, personalities discarded,  transformations embraced. To love the self is to allow this to occur within, self acceptance, appreciation, and the ability to be alone as well. To fulfil ones own needs at times when you are the only one who can fully understand them.

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Published by Kāren Hunter

Kāren Hunter is a New Zealand based musician, astrologer and ceremonial facilitator.

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