III The Empress

Earth Mother, Papatūanuku, Pachamama, Tonantzin, Venus, Ishtar & Aphrodite. She offers an abundance of life nurturing energies as the Goddess of sustenance, receptivity and understanding. Here is the part of you who holds space for healing and prosperity.

She is fertile with new life and her gifts overflow whilst never rendering her empty. Reach down to the core of your creativity and she is there. She takes care of you and helps you rejuvenate with rest and gentleness. She dances in harmony between body and spirit. Invite her to be with you by accepting her offer of positivity and passion for life.

Tap into your creativity, respond to an inner desire and passionately nurture your dream. Take loving care of yourself as you find harmony between body and spirit.

The Empress represents sexuality, she is eve after exile, she dwells in the material world as a contrast to the High Priestess who dwells in the mystery of the underworld.

Here lies the endless power of nature that continually brings new life, here lies the immortality contained within the endless cycles of birth and death.

She speaks to us of creativity, and invites us to embody our artistic nature, as dancers, writers, musicians and all forms of artistic expression, behold her rising energy!

Published by Kāren Hunter

Kāren Hunter is a New Zealand based musician, astrologer and ceremonial facilitator.

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