Creativity&Music Kapiti 2017

The Kapiti workshop held at Paekakariki Beach Memorial Hall workshop was subsidised by Kapiti Creative Communities fund under the “Arts Access and Participant” section.

The following participants gave their written permission to use their comments in future promotions for Kāren Hunter’s Creativity&Music workshops.

What worked?

The gentle and safe way you brought the group together. The breaks. Really enjoyed the coming together or our group. Enjoyed your energy, could feel your caring and wholesome facilitation Sue

The way the day was structured ; warming up with art/exercise then moving into writing the music. Brilliant supportive environment. It could have been 2 or 3 days, LOL it went too fast! Fantastic tutor, Karen really knows how to bring our someones talent. I want to do another course. Louise

You are an excellent facilitator : giving space thru the day, not talking too much!, giving us space to explore ourselves and experience – special rare – felt safe and well prepared. Juli

Loved starting with the opportunity to paint. Showing us the technique of using time limits to generate material. The improvisation at the end. Very well organised and nicely structured workshop. Thanks for giving us the opportunity. Julia

All of it – from the relaxing exercise at the start to the improv exercise at the end. Inspiring and uplifting. Really enjoyed it, challenged myself to get out of comfort zone. Donna

The painting and the jam at the end & Kāren helping with our songwriting. Thank you it was amazing. Katelyn

Group dynamics – getting everyone relaxed and working together. Freedom of expression. Awesome experience, thanks for making space for everyone to learn/achieve and experience whatever it was they needed. Annette

Uplifted mood. Investing time into just being creative. Successful collaboration with like-minded people. Joyful atmosphere, laughter, expression.

… Felt anxious & sad when I arrived and this feeling was replaced in the (warm-up exercises ). My anxiety was dropped out altogether, thank goodness. Caroline

A really lovey mix of activities. Kāren helped us all to relax and build really naturally & effortlessly into writing and performing a song. I had beliefs around not being able to write lyrics and was surprised when given the opportunity that I could. Nicely paced, lots of fun. A very well facilitated workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and having never written a song before loved the opportunity to collaborate. Loved having the chance to sing. Denise.

It was good group size. Kāren is very talented with passion with her ability to help us step into our creativity. I really enjoyed the loving and encouraging energy from the instructor and the supporting atmosphere from the group. Mei

Kāren, I think you presented a well thought out workshop. The artwork was great, writing words. The swapping of words, the grouping for a song, all worked wonderfully. You were very gentle and encouraging. Maureen

Kārena’s responsive facilitation and guidance and intuitive and attention to different needs.

The freedom in painting. Highlighting and focussing on powerful words as a basis for lyrics. Awesome facilitation and support in creativity.

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Kāren Hunter is a New Zealand based musician, astrologer and ceremonial facilitator.

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