Creativity & Music Papaioea 2017

Creativity & Music Papaioea / Palmerston North 2017 was subsidised by Palmerston North Creative Communities under the Arts Access and Participant fund.

More photos of this workshop are available here

What worked?

All of it. The sharing was well facilitated so really great sharing where people could be comfortable. The different range of exercises was great exposure to different processes for helping work / expand on one’s creativity or own Art/Music ‘practise’.

I personally really enjoyed the Toning aspect to the workshop and will take that away as a special gift or ‘germ’ to realise in the future. I think the day was an amazing journey – wow – feels like we have travelled lots of landscapes. There is a lot to take away and reflect on.  Bek

Kāren is a woman of great talent that gave us confidence. I would enjoy another day with Kāren. Sue

Amazing, skilled, gentle facilitation! Perfect mix of being looked after and being extended. I learned heaps! A yummy enriching challenging day with a good mix of challenges and lovely facilitated group energy. Nice mix of fund and profundity … Kāren puts the fun in profundity! Helen

Whole day! Excellent pacing. Blend of people, Great explanations of activities. Thank you for allowing amazing creativity and soul strengthening to occur. Jennifer

  • Positive reinforcement.
  • Goingn out of my comfort zone.
  • I really enjoyed the venue and the faciliatation.
  • Good sized group. Vicky

Loved the time to be creative verbally and artistically ( painting ) . I really enjoyed that everyone felt together and open to be one. Thanks for making me feel myself and enjoying the vibe. Jacqui

The singing and playing and stretching were my favourite parts. Nina

Using different mediums and bringing it together. Moving around the room with different activities however always coming back to the centre circle. I liked how you kindly asked people to not comment after sharing their drawing and accepting it as an offer. You created amazing space for people to move into the unknown. You enabled time for everyone to process and feel into each process. Your ability to validate everyone on a personal level is a real art. Thank you Rebecca

Venue, facilitation, light, resources, everything. Inez

Published by Kāren Hunter

Kāren Hunter is a New Zealand based musician, astrologer and ceremonial facilitator.

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