Autumn is a time for resting

Kia ora koutou!

I have noticed in these last few cycles that my body wants to break down around Autumn equinox each year. I have had a variety of ‘symptoms’ from internal pain, sore knees and legs, adrenal fatigue symptoms (being really physically tired all the time) and one year, after catching ‘nits/headlice’, I developed formication (the sensation of ants crawling under the skin).

Each year has lead me to the same place of surrender. Mindfulness practises. Gentleness. Appreciation of sunsets. Gratitude. Rest. Less is more. Time alone.

Luckily it’s getting quicker and quicker to catch on – this year I’m on to it – I have developed a swollen knee and after just one week I see the pattern. I need to slow down. My body wants me to rest and do things that I don’t need to move around much for. It’s time to sleep, hibernate, allow the world to become smaller after a summer of festival gatherings.

I’m writing because it’s likely I am not alone! Perhaps the same thing is happening to you and you are here looking for an answer to your physical symptoms.

I encourage you to reflect on the benefit of your symptoms…. what is the pay off from your symptoms? Be honest! Perhaps, for example, you have stomach pains and you can’t eat the same food as you usually do at the moment – is it time to change your diet? Or are you unable to prepare food at all physically? Do you need to ask for help? To receive the help that is available? Sometimes the real gift is the receiving. Allow your life to flow freely, which might take you in a surprising direction rather than towards your predetermined destination.

Surrender. Smile and give thanks. I’d love to hear your thoughts below.
nga mihi

Published by Kāren Hunter

Kāren Hunter is a New Zealand based musician, astrologer and ceremonial facilitator.

One thought on “Autumn is a time for resting

  1. May 2018 and yes, yes, yes – this year is the same – time to hibernate! I loved finding this old blog post as it’s like a message to self from self. 🙂
    Thank you self x x x

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