Student feedback

Creativity & Music Workshop  April 2nd 2017

I loved the different elements of CREATIVITY we engaged in. The creative process was accessed through many forms, inspiring us to look and open other doors within our creative capacity. To allow for new and exciting ways for self expression.

Karena’s open, energetic, loving passion for her creativity is infectious and through listening participating and creating sound together, her love and passion is directed straight into me. Brooke.

Thank you so much for this wonderful gift you have – gentle – encouraging – inspiring – Safe place to explore that special part of ourselves – that loves to express and create.
Felt empowered and connected during this workshop and feel this will continue to flow in my life. Tea.

Karena, you are a fabulous musician and teacher. You make it very easy to find a voice. You found a place for every workshop participant to find a safe place within themselves from which to express themselves. Arjan.

You created an environment in which everybody was at ease and felt free and uninhibited to step beyond their boundaries. You skilfully and with great insight guided everybody to get the most out of their presence. Alistair.

Private students:

Kāren is highly tuned in to the creative potential of a person, the blocks that might be in the way and the mood of the day. In her unique, gentle and wise way she is able to facilitate a shift that allows me to be in the space where I can connect to my creativity and give voice to the things that want to come forth. She supports expression of self in ways that keep surprising me and that have made me grow, not only in regards to my original intention of wanting to learn to sing.

Kāren and I have worked together face to face and also on Skype. I highly enjoy coming to visit Karen in her little creative hub, with all her tools and instruments that allow playing and improvising etc. But I also love the flexibility that Skype classes offer and sometimes it is nice to be physically in your own space while working on something. Kath.

Kāren and I have been working together since July 2016, starting with singing and then adding learning the bass guitar. I find Kāren’s style to be relaxed and relaxing, which leads me to discovering just what I can do. It is an encouraging style, just for the joy of music. Inspiring.

We have lessons both in person and via Skype, the latter being relatively new to me, but working well nevertheless. The lessons work well for me, and open up the experience of music that works. We have good fun singing and playing, and who could ask for anything more. Peter.

I am presently teaching regularly in Kapiti, Auckland, Thames, Taupo and Skype. Additional locations within New Zealand are possible as I travel the country continually.



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